Who we are

Style Urbanized is a new Swedish brand launched in spring 2019.

Our main ambition is to create fashion accessories and home decor products with good design and quality in limited editions to create a sense of an exclusive feeling of ownership.

Our focus is the confident woman who is quality-aware, seeks great design and long lasting pieces which will not go out of style and that will complement her wardrobe, accessories and home. 

In our store every person will find its special item at quite affordable price! We work to deliver our clients clothes and accessories from top designers. You will be able to add some stunning items to your wardrobe and create your perfect look with Style Urbanized!


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Style Urbanized is one of the biggest online apparel and accessories shop. We provide a wide range of different clothes, accessories, bags, hats etc. You can select from a big variety of items, what fits your taste perfectly.


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