Karen Konzuk aspires to create jewellery that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory.

A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Karen earned a BFA with a major in Jewellery
Design and a minor in Art History and then introduced the KONZUK line shortly after graduation.

Although Karen’s formal education focused heavily on working with traditional precious metals, the
designer has always shied away from mainstream expectations. Karen began to experiment with stainless
steel shortly after completing her studies. While the unorthodox material inspired her, its use required that she retrain herself since standard jewellery making rarely calls for stainless steel. The properties of this
metal call for an understanding of unusual tools and manufacturing methods.

Through trial and error, Karen persevered to create a line that was unlike anything her peers and mentors
were creating. Her diligence resulted in a collection of pieces that reflected the designer’s keen interest in
industrial design and architecture. Through a studied use of clean lines and an unwavering commitment
to a minimalist aesthetic, Karen has evolved KONZUK into an internationally renowned modern line of jewellery. 

KONZUK’s designs mirror the heroic restraint of modernist architectural practice while marrying balance
with minimal form — each piece is artfully constructed from the meaningful use of industrial materials.

Through a studied use of clean lines and an unwavering commitment to a minimalist aesthetic,
KONZUK has become the internationally renowned modern line of handcrafted jewelry for the
contemporary design lover.

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Konzuk Frama Max Bracelet
3,995 kr 2,796 kr
The geometric Frama Max bracelet features an extra large dom...
Konzuk Libertas Minor Earrings
595 kr 416 kr
Simplistic and stylish, these Libertas earrings are characte...
Konzuk Orbis Vessel Small,...
695 kr 486 kr
This trio of smaller Orbis Vessels serves as an ambient clus...
Konzuk Orbis Vessel Large
650 kr 455 kr
A unique hand-crafted vessel that evokes a deep sense of awa...
Konzuk Kepler Earrings
1,795 kr 1,256 kr
Grab attention with these unique Kepler earrings. The earrin...
Konzuk Juno Minor Earrings
1,600 kr 1,120 kr
Imagine the path to Jupiter forged by the spacecraft Juno…Me...
Konzuk Infini Earrings
1,995 kr 1,396 kr
These long elegant earrings featuring a small black concrete...
Konzuk Freya Minor Necklace
1,795 kr 1,257 kr
This modernist inspired necklace is constructed from a conce...
Konzuk Mira Necklace
2,295 kr 1,607 kr
This necklace mimics the horizon and the starry sky with dia...

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