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Konzuk Libertas Minor Earr...
595 kr 417 kr
Simplistic and stylish, these Libertas earrings are characterized by 0,5 mm thin...
Konzuk Orbis Vessel Small,...
695 kr 487 kr
This trio of smaller Orbis Vessels serves as an ambient cluster or three distinc...
Konzuk Orbis Vessel Large
650 kr 455 kr
A unique hand-crafted vessel that evokes a deep sense of awareness, forming a di...
Konzuk Kepler Earrings
1,795 kr 1,257 kr
Grab attention with these unique Kepler earrings. The earring post innovatively...
Konzuk Juno Minor Earrings
1,600 kr 1,120 kr
Imagine the path to Jupiter forged by the spacecraft Juno…Measuring only 19.5mm...
Konzuk Infini Earrings
1,995 kr 1,397 kr
These long elegant earrings featuring a small black concrete and diamond dust in...
Konzuk Freya Minor Necklac...
1,795 kr 1,257 kr
This modernist inspired necklace is constructed from a concentric stainless stee...
Konzuk Mira Necklace
2,295 kr 1,607 kr
This necklace mimics the horizon and the starry sky with diamond dust encrusted...

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